The Joyful Sort Top 5: Favorite Organizing Products From Ikea

I love Ikea. I love the cinnamon rolls and the kids' play space (let it be known that I will gladly subject my children to a germ-infested ball pit if it means I get to have half an hour of uninterrupted conversation with my husband, #sorrynotsorry) and the funky product names and the cute little cartoon guys on the instruction manuals (even the ones that are 30 pages long...). It's also one of my go-to spots for organizational solutions that look great and don't cost a fortune - here are my favorites!

The Joyful Sort Top 5: Favorite Organizing Products From Ikea - Columbus, OH Professional Organizer - Blog

1. SKUBB drawer organizers

I first started using these when my youngest was a baby, to keep diapers and changing supplies organized in the top drawer of his dresser/changing table. Now they're used in both of my boys' dressers to corral smaller things like socks, underwear, and those inevitable "treasures" that they wind up with (band bracelets, key chains, rocks - why so many rocks?). They're also great for file folded t-shirts or slippery-fabric workout clothes, for smaller towels in a linen closet or bathroom vanity drawer, or in the kitchen for those pesky Tupperware lids.

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2. VARIERA bins

There are few things that this organizer loves more than a white plastic bin. Maybe because they're just begging for a label? These are almost half the cost of a similar product from The Container Store and are perfect for everything from pantries to laundry rooms to garages. Try turning the the smaller sizes lengthwise to maximize function in a space that's deep and narrow, like a bathroom cabinet or drawer, or using them in the fridge to contain condiment bottles or individual snack packs.

The Joyful Sort - Professional Organizer - Columbus, Ohio - Blog

3. KVARNVIK boxes

I love these fabric boxes for spaces where you want both containment and style, such as a home office or bedroom. My personal favorite use that I've found for these is for our DVD collection. I was able to convert two medium-sized cardboard moving boxes full of DVDs into two of these rectangular KVARNVIKs by ditching bulky plastic cases in favor of clear sleeves sorted alphabetically with dividers. 

The Joyful Sort - Professional Organizer - Columbus, Ohio - Blog

4. RASKOG cart

There's a reason that this gem is all over Pinterest! The RASKOG cart is perfect as an arts and crafts or homework station for kids, pictured here, in a laundry room, or for an outdoor entertaining space - any spot where you could use a little mobility along with your organization.

The Joyful Sort - Professional Organizer - Columbus, Ohio - Blog

5. FINTORP rail system

If you've read any of my previous blog posts (hey, thanks!), you know that one of my favorite organizing mantras is to take advantage of vertical space and the FINTORP hanging system is a great way to do that. The rails can be used with or without corresponding buckets and baskets, offering lots of versatility. Try them in a kitchen to hang individual cooking utensils and extra dish towels or in a bathroom for makeup brushes and toothpaste tubes.

The Joyful Sort - Professional Organizer - Columbus, Ohio - Blog

I couldn't end this post without giving an Honorable Mention to the KALLAX shelving unit. Formerly known as the EXPEDIT, this piece is the real Ikea MVP. It can be used horizontally or vertically, with or without basket inserts, as a bookshelf, in closets, you name it.

The Joyful Sort - Professional Organizer - Columbus, OH - Blog

Have you used any of these in your home? What are your thoughts on Ikea?