We'll start with a free (in terms of both cost and obligation) 30 to 60 minute in-home consultation where we can chat about your specific needs, style, and what you hope to ultimately accomplish through the organizing process. Please do not try and tidy up beforehand - this is a judgement-free and completely confidential zone! Seeing the everyday reality of the space is key to determining how it can be better used.

Once the consultation has been completed, you'll receive a custom organization plan and package recommendation. Should you decide to move forward from there, we'll schedule a time to get to work.

The Nitty Gritty

Also known as the fun part! Editing, sorting, and ultimately implementing simple and functional long-term organizational solutions.

You can be involved as little or as much as you'd like during this step, though it's helpful to work side-by-side during the editing step when possible.  And, no, you won't have to get rid of most of what you own to see a difference.

We'll always try to use any existing storage options that are available, but shopping assistance is provided at a separate hourly rate should you want to add in any new baskets, bins, etc (see Packages & Pricing for details).

All sessions include custom labels and coordination of reasonable disposal of trash and items to be donated or consigned. 

 The Joyful Sort - Professional Organizer - Columbus, OH - Closet Before

 The joyful sort - Professional organizer - columbus, oh - organized closet

Maintain & Enjoy

All sessions include a custom wrap-up and review, including product details and helpful tips so that you can keep your newly organized space...organized!

Looking for a quick spruce-up down the road? A half-session (1.5 hours) maintenance option is available for returning clients (see Packages & Pricing for details).